What we can do for you?

Public Relations (PR)

Black Tie Media and Communication is a traditional and digital PR agency that acts as a true partner to elevate brands within their category and the marketplace as a whole. We build brands awareness through strategic campaign development. Whether you are launching a new product, looking to generate interest in an existing product, opening a new location or looking to tell your brand story, Black Tie Media and Communication is just the right partner for you.

Digital Marketing

For any business to succeed nowadays, a strong online presence is a must in order for your brand to stand out. Some business seems to have a voice while others’ get diluted in the crowd. Online presence and a credible brand image is what gives brands a voice and get noticed in this buzzing digital world Our team knows how to navigate the ever-changing social media landscape, influencer partnerships, emerging platforms, advertising, sponsored content and more to ensure you are capturing your share of audience and connecting directly with your target consumers.

Events & Experiences

Black Tie Media & Communications run events planning and Management team takes pride in the quality of our service delivery and ensure the smooth running of all your events and promotions. Since the company's inception in February 2015 we have done several projects that has a reputable track record and feature guest speakers and reputed professional trainers who impart strategies for personal and business growth.


We are a publisher for inspiring and engaging content. We focus on books that inspire positivity, personal development as well as business and lifestyle. We take care of everything from editing to book and cover design, proofing, typesetting, printing and eBooks creation. Once your book is complete, we'll make your book available through online local and global channels, and recommend specialists for your media campaign.

Declutter | Revamp | Rebrand Seminar

Annual Motherhood Event

Parenting can become one of the most challenging roles – living in an era where co-parenting and step parenting seems to be the order of the day. On the other hand our children are growing up very quickly, one moment we have them as little ones, even if they’ve grown we still want to treat them as such not realizing that they’ve outgrown that stage and are in the process of finding themselves, this can result in us losing our kids because we are not well versed with the stages of growth and thus fail to understand their psychology.

Our Motherhood seminar covers all matters relating to parenting and one’s emotional being – in order for one to raise a child effectively, one’s emotional being plays a huge role because if they are not emotionally well – they can end up imparting all the negative energies towards the kids. Remember we are not just raising kids but we are grooming the leaders of tomorrow, we are raising someone’s wife or husband. It is therefore important that we give this role the recognition it deserves.

Women’s Day Event

The annual conference, now in its third year, Women of 1956 fought for our liberation, with so much evolution in the era we now live and everything else that women go through on a day to day basis, it has become so easy for us to be misplaced on our societal roles and responsibilities which do not change. A wife is still expected to perform wifely duties – women’s role at home has not changed. The question is how do we embrace these changes without compromising the essence and the nature of a woman - women are made to be nurturers - being a nurturer requires love, patience, kindness, inner peace, a gentle and a quiet spirit so that whatever you are tasked with to nurture will blossom. Our physical appearance has minimal contribution into what makes us desirable – our inner being, the way we treat others and the way relate to others causes people to desire to be with us.

Women on the Rise

Addresses the challenges women face today in the corporate world through an examination of the real-life experiences of successful South African women. It is specifically tailored for executives, managers, high-potential leaders and corporate teams, as well as anybody who champions their success! Coordinating yearly women in business and leadership conference (a day of inspiration, motivation and networking by bringing to stage respected, recognized and talented leaders in their chosen fields). Assisting in the development of networking amongst peers and co-workers in related fields. Providing women with amazing information, resources, tools and inspiration to help keep their life in balance.

Our Brands

Womanity Magazine

Womanity is all about celebrating and inspiring the best version of every woman by providing them with the cutting edge information that resonates. I consider this thee inspirational guide for women. What you will find in the pages of Womanity Magazine is a collection of inspired and instructive articles written by real, honest, down-to-earth people who work hard to live deliberately, but who are not afraid to admit the struggles we sometimes face. Our houses aren’t perfect. We stay informed and we are also realistic and flexible.